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In Turkey there are several underwater archaeological projects developing at the same time, depending of different organizations and universities.

The Institute of Nautical Archaeology is the oldest organization dedicated to underwater archaeology along the Turkish coast. Since 1958, its founder, Prof. George F. Bass, has promoted and supported the excavations of shipwrecks in Turkey (Cape Gelidonya, Seytan deresi, Yassiada - Byzantine wreck, Yassiada - late Roman wreck, Yassiada - Ottoman wreck, Serce Liman - Byzantine glass wreck, Serce Liman - Hellenistic wreck, Uluburun, Selimiye - byzantine wreck, Tektas Burnu - classical wreck and, starting in June 2002, Pabuc Burnu -archaic wreck).

Besides the excavations, INA also supports archaeological underwater surveys in the Turkish coast, as the ones directed by Cemal Pulak, Donald Fry, Tufan Turanli, Ayse Atauz,  and others; and the Shipwrecks of Anatolia Project that intends to complete a database with information of all wrecks located in the Turkish waters.

In the Marmara Sea, Dr. Nergis Gunsenin is working on the study of several shipwrecks and excavating one of them from the Byzantine Time.